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7up Pound Cake- Lemon Lime & Butter Cream combined make this smell good enough to eat.

Angel- Honey, Chocolate & Caramel, with light notes of Vanilla, Patchouli and Sandalwood.

Apple Butter Caramel- Sweet, tart and creamy.

Asian White Tea- A light sweet white tea.

Baby Fresh- A sweet scent, straight out of a nursery.

Butt Naked - Granny smith apples and honeydew melon, some strawberry and pear thrown in with a hint of spice.

Butter Cream - Think of your favorite birthday cake!

Brown Sugar & Fig- Ripe fig & caramelized brown sugar.

Candied Apple Pie Ala Mode - Apples, Cinnamon and just the right amount of Vanilla.

Champagne- A crips scent of the bubbley

Chardonnay & Vanilla- Crisp Chardonnay and subtle sweet Vanilla.

Cherry- Just like fresh picked from the tree.

Chocolate Covered Cherry- Mmmmmmmm.

Chocolate Decadence- Like your favorite candy bar.

Chocolate Godiva- Sweet dark chocolate!

Chocolate Peppermint- Peppermint patty anyone??

Christmas Cookie- A light buttery vanilla

Cinnamon- The traditional spice

Cinnamon Doughnut - Cinnamon with a kiss of Vanilla

Crème Brulee- A sweet vanilla custard scent complete with the hint of brown sugar.

Espresso - It'll wake you up!!

Eucalyptus- 9 out of 10 kolas agree!

French Vanilla- a very light smooth vanilla

Fresh Bamboo- fresh and green...pandas will love it!

Fruit Loops- yes it does smell just like the cereal!!!

Garden Mint- a soft woodsy, mint and herb

Gardenia- as sweet as a Georgia garden

Gingerbread- the ultimate comfort food....Errr... scent.

Grandpa's Pipe- sweet cherry tobacco.

Green Tea & Cucumber- Freshly brewed green tea with a hint of cool cucumber.

Hawaiian Rain- blend of tropical island florals

Hazelnut Coffee- Freshly roasted coffee beans combined with a creamy nutty vanilla

Home Sweet Home- Spicy Cinnamon with Clove, Rose & Ylang Ylang

Honey Almond- Sweet and nutty

Josè Lime Margarita- All you are missing is the salt!!!

Key Lime Pie- Sweet and tangy.

Lavender- A soothing floral.

Lavender Peppermint- The relaxing scent of Lavender with the crisp undertone of Peppermint.

Leather- Not exactly like a brand new coat, but close enough that you get the idea.

Lemon Chiffon- Even sweeter than the pie!

Lemon Verbena (Yankee type)- Like the candle.

Lemongrass- A sweet lemony citrus; very rejuvenating!

Lemongrass Sage- Sweet Lemongrass with a soft hint of spicy Sage.

Linen Fresh- Almost as good as clothes left on the line in the sunshine.

Love Spell- A lot like the scent from that bra lady with the secrets!

Marine Spa- Soft, clean and stress free.

Mochaccino- What's better than Chocolate and Coffee?

Monkey Farts - A fun mix of Bananas and Coconuts.

Mulberry- A light scented red berry.

Oatmeal, Milk & Honey- A very sweet and cozy scent.

Odor Eliminator- Helps get the stink out. Fishermen love it!

Orange- Pulp or no pulp?

Orange Blossom- A very soft fruity floral.

Orange Clove- A little citrus and a little spice is very nice!

Peach- Like summer in Georgia.

Peaches & Cream- Sweet Peaches & Vanilla cream; yummy!

Pear - Sweet from the tree.

Pear Berry- Ripe pears and sweet red berries

Peppermint- Like a candy cane on Christmas!

Pina Colada- All it is missing is the little umbrella!

Pineapple- How do you slice one of those things anyhow?

Pink Grapefruit - A tangy citrus.

Pomegranate Vanilla- Tart pomegranate tamed with a smooth Vanilla.

Red Delicious Apple- You will be tempted too!

Rise & Shine- An eye-opening citrus blend.

Root Beer- All we are missing is the ice cream.

Rose- By any other name would smell as sweet!

Saffron & Honey- A musky sweet mix.

Sambuca- A licorice scent.

Sex on the Beach- Smells just like the fruity drink.

Snow Fairy- Top notes of Berries, Citrus & Mint with light hints of Vanilla, Musk, and spice.

Spiced Chai - Just like it's from your favorite coffee shop.

Strawberry- Reminds you of the jam.

Stress Relief- Soothing combination of Chamomile and Lavender.

Summer Fling- An amazing fruity floral (my favorite) - replaced Southern Nights.

Summertime- Lemon and Cream Soda make up the base notes of this fun scent.

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin- Spicy Pumpkin pie and sweet Vanilla.

Sweet Honey- A smell straight from the hive with no stings!

Toasted Rice- A warm nutty fragrance.

Vanilla- Anything but boring.

Wedding Cake - Just like Butter Cream only sweeter!

Wild Blackberry & Vanilla- Like the smell of a warm cobbler.
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